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Do trees communicate?

When Lord Krishna was a child, his mother tied him with a mortar because he was caught stealing butter. After a while, when no one was looking at him, he dragged the mortar between two trees. The huge trees fell down and out came Nalakuwara and Manigriva, twin sons of Kubera, the wealth God. TheyContinue reading “Do trees communicate?”

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3 thoughts on “Home

  1. Very realistic & autobiographical.
    Very informative and interesting.
    Beautiful & well written.
    Congratulations 👍👍👏👏


    1. Thank you Sir. Your compliments are welcome.
      In today’s Times of India, it has been claimed that the health budget (per capita) of India is the 4th lowest in the world ! Surprising. We plan to send a man to the moon and can shoot down enemy satellites but have no money for the health budget. It is easy to understand that the brunt of lowly budget is faced by the doctors. 50 % less doctors and health staff posts are deliberately left vacant. The country keeps ‘building ‘ more and more AIIMS, but the Primary health centres have broken infrastructure, hardly any instruments and no medicines. Needless to say that many medical students, interns and house surgeons have to share dilapidated rooms with common dirty toilets. The picture is no different in district hospitals or state run medical colleges.


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